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CoVer 1, 2, 3 en 4 is a product based on nanotechnology.

The active natural ingredients (20 nm) is dissolved in water or alcohol

and seal each grease and dry material.

This is very environmentally friendly, completely neutral and non-toxic. 

It places an invisible protective layer over the surface.

Because of the tiny particles can, however, water evacuation.


CoVer 1 - all minerals (stone, sandstone, Wood (only in) limestone, ceramics,

concrete, mortars, and anti-graffiti, cardboard etc.
CoVer 2 - Glass (showers), ceramics, metals (stainless steel), plastics, ...
CoVer 3 - All Textiles (convertible tops, awnings, upholstery, carpets, etc). 

 Washable to 40 °.

CoVer 4 - All metal working and bacteriological, also provides no fingerprints

Seal all water-based paint layers were applied.

The applied product is not sensitive to frost, UV resistant (yellowing), water and oil


Storage: at least 12 months remain good frost and stored

Use: Shake well before use and spray on the surface to be treated. 

6 to 12 hours to cure before exposing.